-This pull list is for April 15th and will be up until this Monday 11PM. We're taking orders in advance in order to remove first come first serve and better serve all of our customers. Making sure everyone gets exactly what they want.

-Please make sure you enter an email address that you use regularly. Invoices are going to be sent to the email address you enter the week before the release date. Also, save the confirmation emails so you can check that we invoiced you correctly. If you do not receive a confirmation email contact us.


-All books 20% off cash or credit. We now accept credit cards on site.


-Each title is $3.99 unless otherwise indicated.


- Shipping rates are $3 for 12 books or less. 13+ rates vary depending on weight.


-Email(Macspulllist@aol.com) for images of variants not readily available online. 


-We're using the "variants section" for 2nd, 3rd, 4th prints, etc.


NUMBER: 305-762-9725. Text anytime. Calls during business hours posted on Facebook.


-3/25 invoices will be in your inbox by Tuesday night.

NOTE: The majority of the covers for the books on this list can be found at https://www.previewsworld.com/FinalOrdersDue



Pull List for Comic Day 4/15/2020

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